I love how Allison/Scott and Derek/Stiles kind of parallel each other in opposing ways, if that makes any sense.

Like Allison and Scott pretty much fall into instant infatuation whereas Stiles and Derek mistrust and dislike each other from the start. Allison doesn’t know about Scott for a good chunk of their relationship, and Stiles knows all about Derek right from the start. Allison and Scott get into danger because of each other, whereas Derek and Stiles get into danger together and then have to get each other out of it. Scott and Allison have to sneak around to spend time together, and Stiles and Derek try to avoid having to see each other, but always manage to gravitate back together despite themselves. Scott and Allison spend all of their time declaring their love for each other, and Derek and Stiles go out of their way to convince everyone they don’t care if the other one dies even though they keep saving each other.

Sorry, this show has taken over my brain.